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    Our bottles are 99.9% pure tested copper & unlike cheaper bottles, are never plated or mixed with other metals.

    There is a protective finish on the outside to keep its beautiful shine, and a food grade silicone ring on the lid for a tight leakproof seal.

    Volume - 32 oz / 950 ml

    Weight - 10.3 oz

    Height - 10.5"

    Diameter - 2.9"

    All our bottles are handmade in India where they originate and have been traditionally made for thousands of years.

    As we hand-make these, your bottle will be completely unique and may vary slightly.

    Yes! All orders are carefully inspected, gift wrapped and shipped from our Florida warehouse.

    Storing water in copper is a great way to make natural alkaline water. The copper ionization process raises the pH of the water, making it more alkaline.

    The CopperWater bottle is easy to use.

    Fill up with water anywhere

    The CopperWater Bottle gives you the power to make healthier water everywhere you go.

    Drink throughout your day like a regular water bottle

    And voila! Enjoy brilliantly energizing water from a clean bottle. It's that simple.

    Our bottles naturally kill microbes & keep themselves clean and fresh, so they don’t need to be washed often. 

    When you do wash, hand wash with gentle soap and don’t scrub!

    After much use, it’s good to clean the inside of the bottle if you see a lot of tarnish: Simply mix lemon or vinegar, and a tablespoon of salt and gently clean the bottle by swirling the mixture around. Then thoroughly rinse with water, and it will look new.

    Our bottles are intended to only be used with water. We do not recommend any other drinks, including adding anything to your water, like lemon juice or electrolytes. 

    Other liquids may be acidic and damage the bottle or absorb more copper than needed.

    No, it's effectively impossible to do so with proper use.

    The daily recommended dose of copper is 1-2 mg, and the copper that gets infused in the water from our bottles is significantly below this limit, even if continuously used all day. 

    No, with proper care this will never happen. It takes years of no cleaning for copper to turn green. 


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