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    "Revita Health" Scam

    Good morning! After receiving multiple comments on our ads and emails from concerned individuals, we have decided to formally address the issue. We will provide more information and helpful steps for you to take in order to get your money back from the scam company that has affected us.


    We regret to inform you that a company called "Revita Health" has stolen our ads and sold thousands of counterfeit bottles using our product images, videos, and likeness. This unfortunate situation has affected everyone involved. They have scammed many people by falsely advertising their products, thereby tarnishing our business reputation and the positive impact we aim to make with our genuine bottles.


    Below, you can see images of the knockoffs (presumably stainless steel or aluminum bottles). These bottles are incredibly cheap to produce because they are not made from copper, which is where all the benefits come from.


    Here is some information about the scam company:

    • Name: Revita Health
    • Price of their bottles: $10 - $24.99 (Please note that a genuine copper water bottle will never be this cheap)


    We have successfully issued a DMCA copyright takedown against their listings using our product images. However, they are still engaged in fraudulent activities. If you visit their website today (as of July 14th), you will find that they are now selling fake watches.


    If you have been scammed by "Revita Health," here are some steps you can take to get your money back:


    The easiest option is to initiate a chargeback claim with your credit card company or PayPal. If you paid with a credit card, simply find the charge on your statement and call your bank or credit card company to request a payment dispute. For PayPal, the process is similar: log into your account, locate the payment, and dispute the charge or initiate a chargeback against them.


    If your credit card company, bank, or PayPal requires additional proof/evidence to process the chargeback, please feel free to attach this article post.


    In conclusion, we kindly request that you spread the word to help others stay safe online. If they wish to purchase a copper water bottle, please advise them to buy it exclusively from our official website, The malicious business practices of this company have severely impacted our reputation, and your support would mean the world to us.


    Furthermore, we encourage you all to file a chargeback and dispute the payment made to this company. Not only will you be able to recover your money, but you will also contribute to putting a stop to their fraudulent activities.


    Thank you for your support.